4 ways to hydrate with coconut oil

4 ways to hydrate with coconut oil

This SoCal summer has been a hot one, packing a dry as bone and hot as hades combo that’s left our skin and hair in devastating states of dehydration. So let’s spend a few moments touting the merits of our new beauty BFF: coconut oil. Inexpensive and multi-tasking, coconut oil is a many splendored thing. How do we heart thee, coconut oil? Let us count 4 beautifying ways.

It isn’t always necessary to spend a fortune on beauty products. In fact, some of the greener gals, swear that a single jar of coconut oil can replace a number of your more expensive beauty buys. Deep conditioner, makeup remover, bath oil, moisturizer are all bottles being replaced by the sweet-smelling tropical goo.

MAKEUP REMOVAL: Peeling off your nightly war paint just got a lot easier (and less damaging to your skin.) Simply smear a bit of coconut oil over your eyes and cheeks and then gently swipe away your lipstick, eye makeup and concealer. This little wonder moisturizes as it removes and did we mention the sweet smell?

MOISTURIZER: Chlorine and saltwater paired with the season’s dehydrating heat is a recipe for dry skin. A healthy helping of coconut oil, smoothed on after a shower (and even worn to bed) is a great way to keep your skin hydrated and happy, without giving up a splash in the H2O.

BATH OIL: And speaking of moisture, a healthy scoop of coconut oil melted into your bathwater is a great way to give your summer dry skin a much needed power punch of hydration.

DEEP CONDITIONER: The soaring temps and daily heat styling can not only damage your hair, but can also create a tight itchy, even flakey scalp. Counter these with a weekly coating of coconut oil massaged into your hair and scalp.

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